Tuesday, 3 May 2016


We cannot ignore the fact that Kenya has been on the rise when it comes to fashion and art. We have seen Kenyan bloggers such as This Is Ess, Silvia Njoki being featured on some of the greatest platforms both nationally and on international fronts. On that lane, let me introduce you to amazing people who have undoubtedly contributed massively to Kenya being on the map in the art and fashion scope:2manysiblings,run by a duo that is revolutionizing the art and fashion scope, not just in Kenya but worldwide.

2manysiblings is a brand run by brother and sister Papa Petit and Velma Ross .I know you’re probably thinking, “ c’mon ,it’s impossible for that relationship to work in a professional setting!” turns out we are completely wrong about that. The two are Kenyan art and fashion muses who felt the need to showcase their personal style with the world and therefore starting their own blog on tumblr.


Speaking of style, the duo has a very distinct style that sets them apart from all the other fashionistas. Their style is a mix of vintage, African print and urban with a vibrant and sophisticated feel to it. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been witnesses to the catastrophic fashion attempts made by people to go vintage and I say catastrophic because they were an absolute flop! Pulling off the vintage look is not as easy as it looks. So big up to 2manysiblings for going vintage and blowing our minds while they’re at it.

What makes 2manysiblings so special? Well, when everyone is too caught up trying to fit in, Papa Petit and Velma Ross are standing out! Most people are scared to go bold, the thought of what people will think or say weighs too heavily on them and therefore dull their shine. My advice, never dull your shine on anyone’s account. Playing by other people’s rules will never land you on the headlines.2manysiblings has been on amazing platforms ,the duo has been featured on ELLE MAGAZINE SOUTHAFRICA,VOGUE ITALIA,DRUM MAGAZINE,OKAYAFRICA .AFRICAN PRINTS IN FASHION among others. They have also had the grand opportunity to visit some of high-profile art and fashion conventions like Yale Africa Salon, Fashion Cities Africa, African Futures just to name a few.


The duo are also home to one of the most popular events “THRIFT SOCIAL” ,a music and fashion event that brings together all the fashion lovers. The most recent of the thrift social i.e. “THRIFT SOCIAL 5” went down on the 25th of March this year. It is definitely one of those gigs you wouldn’t wanna miss out on so be on the lookout for the next one, do make a point to attend and you better bring your cool.2manysiblings have come so far and now have their own cloth line titled just that consists of a variety of merchandise. The duo is raising the bar quite high and there's just no telling how far they will go. Keep an eye on 2manysiblings and for more deets,do check out their blog,2manysiblings.tumblr.com







  1. Totally amazing post. I wanted to write a post about them too am glad you did it. Beautiful.

    1. thank you ally, I swear they are off the chain.
      Btw,i'm working on something,creating my oen content and I most definitely want to work with you,will halla when things are set,cant wait!
      ow,let's not forget I'm your biggest fan! :)

  2. Guys,do check out http://becauseitsvida.blogspot.co.ke/ for the best fashion updates.

  3. Mind blowing!!....I love what you doing trace.

  4. Good masterpiece of an blog. Honestly the sky is the limit

  5. @Unknown, I'm more than glad you loved it.


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