Wednesday, 29 June 2016


So this post is entirely fixated on Rihanna. Boy, do I feel this post is long overdue! Rihanna is not just the music genius we know her for but  also the ultimate fashion killer. Earlier this year, she graced her fans with her album ANTI,which is insanely good. Rihanna was going for a timeless album, one her fans would listen to and enjoy even after ages. In my perspective, she definitely accomplished that, It's still stuck on my playlist! The album went platinum and is still doing great on  the charts.

Last week, she released the video to her song "This is what you came for" alongside Calvin Harris. Looking back at how successful "We Found Love" was, there's no doubt this new single is just as awesome or even a tad bit more awesome. About two days ago, she  also released a new single "Sledgehammer" which is featured in the new Star Trek Beyond trailer.
In terms of style, Rihanna is most definitely not a stickler for the rules. When everyone is stuck on the Do's and the Don'ts,Riri is too busy embracing all the different trends in the fashion scene. She is known for her adventurous and undaunted fashion sense. It's pretty much impractical to guess what Rihanna will be seen wearing, she is way too fickle.
Rihanna took the fashion industry a notch higher when she revealed her heart-stirring collection in collaboration with PUMA, The FENTY X PUMA Collection. She and Puma debuted a complete FENTY collection at Fashion Week 2016.The collection is startlingly impressive, very cool and ravishing. So much that an attempt to purchase them online is frustrating because they are constantly sold out but they are worth it bruh!
And just when you thought the African print wasn't all that, Rihanna proves that it's an absolute masterpiece.
For sure, Rihanna is probably the most dazzling person ever;immensely talented,hella confident with a crazy, diverse sense of style which is a perfect match for her crazy personality.She's undeniably one of those celebrities you constantly should have your eye on.So yea, Rihanna Navy All Day, Err Day, You Bet!!










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