Thursday, 17 July 2014

Up top

Taking things to the next level, we take a sneak peek of kenya's most elite, trendy and swagged up men. With the changing times, kenyan male celebrities have taken quite the interest in fashion, ( it was about time). Well, check out the five celebrities i chose for this feature.
1) ephy murithii.
You know how people say " you can't have it all ", turns out, you absolutely can. Need proof? Ephy! Talk about having the whole package, great looks, an amazing sense of style and an overwhelming confidence that will blow your mind. He does spend most of his time in front of the camera, so when it comes to strutting his stuff, he definitely knows how to.
2) kwame bonsu.
Let's talk kwame. But first, a moment of silence for the ladies. I really don't need to say alot about kwame, i mean, the fact that he was on couture africa, june issue, is enough to say he's quite the big deal. With an awesome body and a brilliant sense of fashion, what more could we ask for?
3) ian mugoya.
The st8up host has for some time created a buzz in the entertainment industry. There's not even a single chart of kenya's hottest celebrities that he has missed out on. He pretty much has it all covered and that is the best part. Being able to sustain an incredible amount of swag and keep in shape over years is really impressive. To Ian mugoya, respect!!  
    4) Nick mutuma.
It would be an injustice if i left out kenya's pretty boy nick. From acting in shuga, landing quite the deal on radio and now, mashariki mix, looks like there is no stopping him. Yea, he's taking the world by storm and i honestly can't wait for his next move. His career isn't the only thing on the right track, he is a trendy guy. Always caught on camera looking fabulous. Rocking ankara wear, hot kicks, beanies and basically anything that's insanely trendy. His fashion sense has no limits at all.
5) chimano.
When it comes to music and fashion, kenya's boy band, sauti sol, has it all under control. Of course i thought about having the band at no. 5, but then, it always nice to shake things up a little bit. So i decided to check out the epitome of sauti sol's style and that's how i ended up at Chimano. For starters, dude has vocals. Ladies always dig a guy that can sing. Apart from that, you can always count on chimano to pull crazy fashion stunts that most people would rather die than do. Boldness is a virtue that can't go unrecognized. For all those saying " sauti sol is gay " just because they wear tight stuff, well, no offense , That kind of thinking belongs in the 17th century.Big up to chimano for holding it down Like it's supposed to. Quite the fashion killer.

Check out the eye candy and be sure to tell me what you think. You think i left someone out or you don't agree? Feel free to leave a comment.

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