Friday, 5 September 2014

Coke studio SSN2

For anyone with a music and fashion obsession, this purposely for you.So for the past years,American/ British music shows have had me enslaved.i can't think of one musical i have missed out on.yea,pretty much have it all covered!I know what you're thinking, i'm one of those africans who are brain-washed into thinking africa is bogus and has nothing good to offer.I am not going to be a phony and lie,at some point of my life,i used to believe that but not anymore.Truth is,if you were brought up listening to the likes of snoop Dogg,Beyonce and all other big wigs of the international music scene,you tend to set the bars too high.But finally,african artists have picked up the pace and are even giving international artists a run for their money,i say this with utter pride.Anyway,back to my point,i found an african music show that just turns me into a couch least until the show ends!haha
Coke studio is one music show i am grateful for.The one show that not only portrays African talent but also african fashion and the willingness of our artists to work together for us,the is only on the coke studio stage that you get to see what africa's music industry has to offer and i have to say,it is breathtaking. unless you're living under a rock,you know coke studio ssn2 is coming up,i can barely get it together. I am ecstatic. coke studio ssn2 has featured the best of the best artists from the east and west of africa:burna boy,phyno,chidinma,vanessa mdee,fena gitu and alot more.ofcourse ,with all these artists in one place,the fashion and glamour tags along.I won't say much about that,you've got to see it to believe it.
I leave you with a few pictures to tease your mind.And just in case you were planning on not catching this season of coke studio,that's a move you'll regret!i mean it,will have you cursing for the rest of your life...

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