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Coachella 2017 goes HAM

So every time i hear coachella's coming up, my heart just can't get its stuff together. This one is particularly a front-runner for me.It was one of the first entertainment articles ages ago that brought out the love for blogging, sorta sentimentally attached.Sorry to go all emo on ya but coachella was that idea that sparked a light bulb moment that forever shines. Plus it's the finest festival ever, forget tomorrowland, wave ultra-miami goodbye and say what's up to Coachella. Not sure any festival in East Africa can match up but Blankets And Wine is most definitely catching on,very promising.
Coachella is a bucket-list sorta fest ,the kind that will have you breaking banks  and all. Cause it's hella worthy! Coachella comes with a star-studded line up, an a-list crowd, the best aesthetics you're ever gonna find and all the best activities that will have you gasping.I know i got you wishing you had been, but that's precisely what this post is about,make you feel like you were right there the entire time.  Every intricate detail of the festival will leave you fazed and firmished for days! Not to mention the performances by our fave artists that are brimming with so much life!
No BS, the line up was insane! Consisting of the staple, these guys are always on the line up,that's just how dope they are.Pharrell ,lorde, lady Gaga,Kendrick lamar,Solange Knowles and lana del rey.  This year's line-up brought more dazzle especially because it featured more hiphop music than ever before!Yea,for all the hiphop heads, this was your year! The likes of lil wayne, lil uzi vert, kendrick lamar, future, dj esco... Uh oh, did someone say, too much sauce? I heard that!
Let's talk style,get you up to track! Everybody knows Coachella is awesome because of its super high profile crowd! I mean how bizarre is it that guys get to hang with Leonardo DiCaprio, rihanna, kendall ,katy perry! Flippin ' incredible right!
This years coachella was a wee bit too unconventional.The last couple of years saw the basic boho chic style take over, fancy lace maxi dresses,geometric prints and ankle leather boots run the festival. This year marks the start of a new summer/spring boho style that is nothing close to basic, you feel me? Way more diverse and fun! 
So i zeroed in on a few looks that have me so ruffled



Vanessa Hudgens pulls off her trademark bohemian look at Coachella.

             Joe Jonas looking all chill.
Kylie and kendall are coachella essential so sure enough they showed up and Killed it! 

Kendall jenner and her awesome self stood out in a sequin brallete and high waisted flared pants to finish it up the cool look. I'm sure you've run into the saying "fashion repeats itself",well, it's about that time cause flared pants are back,like they never left.Bralletes are taking the world by storm too, they are to die for!Kendall is the reigning queen of cool,you can smell her spruce miles away.Always seen in comfy yet outrageous kinda outfits,the model is known for hacking the athleisure vogue so good she is now the new Brand ambassador of Adidas, if you're a fan then kendall is your go-to girl. 

Katy perry showed up with her banging new hair cut and a dj skill set, if you know what i mean!haha!She looks so fine in her short hair cut which she's been showing off since her new video featuring HipHop's finest migos,Bon Appetit!For a second there she had me thinking I should go short and sassy,but nah,let me sleep on that first.Wouldn't want to look like i came straight from a horror movie!
Katy Perry's outfits were brimming with so much funk, uptown kinda funk! She was seen in a furry coat,colored sunnies and some cool high-waisted pants.She looks so edgy and sophisticated ,she'll leave you baffled.

Pharrell turned up looking like a ball of color and swag for his performance! He just never lets us down, so you bet he's not about to start. Darn it, i don't even get how he keeps it so fresh, he is some typa special. 


Rihanna gets a little more Street by the day.Always pulling the weirdest and fun style stunts! She gets to do that, she's rihanna right? In a bad ass gucci outfit,she got heads turning and blew up the internet like she always does. I'm talking a full-body glitter body suit,by full-body I mean head to toe .sick ay??? She paired that up with colored sunnies which are so in right now,a dope tee and some cute denim shorts.Riri,no one does it like you do,thats for sure.For that exclusive shot,check out riri's gram.

The off the shoulder trend is so on season ,it was rocked so bad it was so good.Didnt know? Now you do so get with it. Emily ratajkowski and kendall jenner are among the ladies that trotted out this look at coachella and boy did we looove that!

Taking a look at the performances, this part will have you feeling so turnt. Drake and Future took to the stage! Jump-man!
Solange knowles,an all time fave for me, performed her whimsical jams and pulled a wild card by having her sis, queen bey, show up and perform.That's right, double trouble.Does it count as a wild card when she does it every year?Haha,i'll let you decide.

The HipHop king 'Kendrick Lamar also performed! With his new album out not too long ago, you can only imagine how great that was,plus no one does it like kendrick.The way he brings music to life on stage is just too special. I can only hope y'all have his album "damn", ain't nothing better at the moment.   


Travis Scott also made it to the stage,a whole lotta awesome for us to take in. He obviously wouldn't miss out on coachella, not when he's dating kylie,gotta have a good time together.  
There you have it, got you feeling like you didn't miss a thing right? That's just how we do. Xoxo

Unrelated, take a peek at this documentary of Rihanna's visit to malawi courtesy of her charity foundation that will make you love her even more!!

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