Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Cosmic Homies

Remember Camp Mulla? Yea, that music group that had transcendent music and had Kenyans all jittered because of their great style. Not forgetting that gut-wrenching feeling we got when we realized they had split! Such a bummer,right? I’m not mentioning names but some of my friends never got over it! After disbanding, they all went into solo music careers,giving us all something to hang on to! Runkah (Karun) and Taio seemed to stay in touch and are now part of Cosmic Homies. Not just a band but so much more.Talk about art,fashion,music production,a multi-talented bunch they are!
Back, bigger, bolder and better! With the new band up and running, let’s just say, all those heart-crushed fans finally got closure!

Made up of:

A vocalist, instrumentalist, producer from Nairobi, Kenya.



A rapper, singer, songwriter, DJ, producer, radio host, MC from Nairobi, Kenya.


A singer, songwriter, dancer, stylist, designer, film maker from LA, California.



A rapper, poet, singer, songwriter, model, actor from Tanzania whose pictures are so darn hard to find.No lie,he's a ghost on social media.But i love a challenge!
More juice? He has been dating  Runkah for a while now, seriously the coolest couple around!

All those titles? Gasp!! Cosmic Homies are here to redefine and revolutionize pop culture.In an interview with okayafrica, Taio admits that at first (in Camp Mulla) they were following a formula but not anymore. Runkah backs that up “people are challenging what’s the norm and what it means to be ‘successful’ and giving themselves the freedom of exploring different styles”. Their music is truly different and unconventional, nothing like you’ve ever heard. In a time when the music industry in Africa has plunged into a very flimsy and commercial sound, getting music that is not just authentic but speaks to the soul is so rare. They define their music as electro-organic. You’re probably like “what?” .listen to their music and you’ll completely understand why that name is best suited. Their music is a mix of so many sounds, jazz, hip-hop, electric, and soul.

They launched their debut mixtape “O.N.E” (Only Now Everlasting) last year. The mixtape features six tracks i.e. time flies bye, worlds apart, kilifornia, vibe tribe, too lit, and heart restart. The mixtape was released through their own record label Cosmic Homies records. My top favorite jams on their mixtape have to be vibe tribe (This one is for the hip-hop heads) and kilifornia,Jam along to “kile to kilifi, kilifi to California oh!”

The group has been on tour(From Kenya to the World) in the USA powered by what’s good live #WGLIVE

Undeniably, they are cool, so cool (did I say they’re cool?).They are clearly no where close to average, they have a fearless sense of style with absolutely no chills whatsoever. Their ‘gram is filled with artsy selfies and inspiration, with in between peeks of their tours.


Exclusive (courtesy of city guide Nairobi)
Who epitomizes Nairobi street style for you?
Well, first the infamous fashionista duo 2MNYSBLNGS-brother and sister Velma who have an international audience.To see more on 2MNYSBLNGS ,click here https://tracekimani.blogspot.co.ke/2016/05/2manysiblings.html .Alexis Nereah to whom fashion is more than just what she wears but also an artwork of her life and soul.

Since their inception, it’s been plain sailing for the group. They represented east Africa in the SXSW Festival. They were also nominated for the Kenya Buzz People’s Choice Award last year under the category Kenyan music group of the year. What to look for? Their weekly podcast in collaboration with NuNairobi family, East African wave that brings to us the diverse talent of Kenyan and African artists and of course more music.

Check out their ‘gram for updates on new music and also to find out what they are up to.

In the meantime,take a look at these ;

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