Thursday, 17 September 2015


Are you a fan of one of thee best African rappers,that is, "K.O" and live in Kenya? Well,i come bearing amazing news that will have you going cra'y...wait for it...K.O IS IN THE COUNTRY.
He recently jet into the country after his Media and Showcase tour in Tanzania which commenced on the 14th of September.The rapper will be in the country up until the 20th of this month,which gives his Kenyan fans ample time to meet and see him in action.Yea,that definitely sounds like one of those opportunities you shouldn't let slip away.His visit couldn't come at a more convenient time as he recently released his new video "One Time".

Earlier in the day,the rapper was featured on capital fm and i hope you guys were able to catch up with that,if not,don't be too sad there are more one -on-one interviews to come.Be sure to catch more insights on the rapper on The trend with Larry Madowo, str8up live,Teen Republic,Hot 96 and Homeboyz radio.Wondering where to catch K.O's live performance,try,tonight as from 8 pm at Ebony Lounge,westlands,Nairobi where he will be performing alongside Rabbit.

You can also catch him tomorrow at STORYMOJA FESTIVAL at Nairobi Arboretum as from 7-8pm alongside Octopizzo and rabbit.As for the man of the hour,K.O,all we can say is ,Kenya most definitely has much love for you.                                                                                                        

All pictures courtesy of Instagram.

ION...Everyone is on that "Isabella" vibe,so check it out!!!

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