Monday, 30 June 2014


Last night while kenyans were trying to sleep off the crazy weekend at masaku 7s, BET happened. I hope you watched the awards, if not, you missed out on a lot. I don't know about you, but i really enjoyed the performances a tad bit too much this year. Pharrell opened the award show with a spectacular performance, he's a crowd favorite. The performance was amazing up until missy elliot joined in,then it turned a notch higher. August alsina also performed at the awards show. This guy can sing like nobody else can, i mean, the ladies were going gaga over his performance and of course, his good looks. Trey songs and chris Brown joined him for the "ILTS remix"..." Am way too high to be trippin like this"... And the crowd went wild.
You missed out if you didn't catch chris Brown's loyal. He just had to come back with a bang after finally being released from prison. I couldn't take my eyes off of him,not with all those dance moves he was pulling off. What can i say, that performance was quite dazzling.
Nicki minaj brought the house down with her performance of pills n potions. This jam has nicki's fans going insane and with that raunchy outfit, the performance couldn't be any better. The only weird thing about this performance was that extremely huge bunny that was stuck on stage, freaked the hell out of me.
If you're a fan of iggy azalea, let me hear you scream... I actually dig her music and am not embarrassed about that. Yea, i saw that cringe on the faces of nicki's fans. People have been fussing about iggy being white and being a rapper, since when did skin complexion stop anyone from doing what they want? My take? Haters are just doing what they do best, hating. Iggy's got it going good and from the look of things, she's becoming a powerhouse. I really want to see more of her. Nicki obviously has something to say when it comes to iggy. During the awards acceptance speech, nicki made quite the remark and apparently it was directed to iggy... "what i would like people to know is, if nicki minaj is spitting it, she wrote it...." if that remark was as suspected, meant for iggy, then it was pretty clear nicki doesn't like iggy. I mean, nicki looked like she wanted a battle right there. When it comes to iggy, nicki might be alone, out in the cold because everyone seemed to love her. Snoop was nodding the whole time with a smile, lil wayne and tyga were singing along to fancy. Iggy, fuck what nicki thinks,snoop, lil Wayne, Pharrell and tyga love your music. What more could she ask for? T. I joined her for "no mediocre". They killed it on stage.
The show is not complete until the king and queen take to the stage. Beyoncé and jay z definitely brought the house down with their performance. This come just after they kick started their "on the run tour". you should be on the lookout for that.
Jhene aiko and john Legend made my night. Their performance was to die for. Jhene aiko is so ill,i just love her voice. When the crowd heard John Legend join in, that was it. It couldn't get better than this.
Well, not to forget our african stars who made sure to represent home, wizkid, davido and diamond platnumz were at the awards ceremony. Davido was lucky enough to walk away with an award. One that didn't come easy, that goes without say when you have to battle against mafikizolo, sarkodie, toofan, tiwa savage and diamond. Couldn't be more proud of davido, he totally deserved it. After all, his music is incredibly good. What did you love about BET AWARDS 2014?was it as you expected? As for me, i can't complain, i loved it.

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