Friday, 6 June 2014

Nip n Tuck

Hip hop has always been on the top when it comes to music charts and If you're a fan, you'll probably agree with me, Hip hop is a lifestyle.well that explains the overwhelming style and swag featured in most hip hop artists. Today, we are going local, having two female kenyan rappers go nip n tuck. Stella Mwangi and Xtatic are two incredibly talented rappers. Couldn't be more proud of them for setting the bars a notch higher. If you like their music, raise your hands, if not, then you need to raise your standards. So musically, they're on track but does their sense of style measure up. Check out the pictures and be the judge. Who do you think rocks it better and comes off extremely chic and fashionable? Stella Mwangi is quite the fashionista. She's flexible with her outfits. One day in sneakers and ripped pants, next day in kitenge shorts and high heels. What can i say?versatility has always been a jaw breaker. Xtatic comes off simple yet sophisticated. Always in that laid back tomboy swag. Of course, bad days do happen to even the best of us, (referring to that beige/pink gown. I mean, the design isnt so bad, but the colours are outrageous... And No, not in a good way!) she always tries to keep it fresh and stylish, and that right there is every fashion enthusiast's goal.
I don't know who you think wins it but just to help you out, A fashionista is always Stylish, versatile,bold,and confident. Remember, always wear what you feel and feel what you wear.

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