Sunday, 9 November 2014


Today,i decided to post about my favorite fancy,August Alsina.yea,you gat that right,i'm quite the fan and thats quite the understatement. I've always had his records on my playlist,by that i mean,whether it's a rock playlist,hiphop playlist,R n B playlist...,you can be sure to find his song in 'em.I'm starting to think he's turning out to be an obsession. Why? Ow,i don't know,maybe it has something to do with the looks? I mean,how can someone  possibly look so frigging good. I hate to say this,but his face is a serious work of art. To top that up,he's got a ravishing voice,the type that simply can't go unnoticed. I get jitters everytime i listen to his music,.His music drives women insane,just the type all girls want to listen to just to unwind.You think this is a bit much,trust me,all the ladies' definitely agree with me on it.. One thing i find impossible to wrap my head around?How he manages to pull off sensitive and gangster all at once,that's just beyond me...Sense of style you may ask? I say a tad too impressive. Never at any one point caught looking drab or sketchy. He is quite the cool and collected singer,nothing close to rude,loud or obnoxious like most artists. But don't let that fool you,there's more than meets the eye but I'll let you figure that out on your own.
Best part is,he is what you would call an open book.Not afraid to let the world know his life struggles which is pretty admirable.I can only hope you've watched his performances and interviews,but if not,don't beat yourself up too much,i'll be sure to post the links.And with that,I'm out!check out the pictures and drop your comments.

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