Monday, 16 June 2014

Nip n tuck

Interesting enough, this week i paired up two of east africa's biggest pop stars on Nip n tuck. Ready for this? Kenya's own victoria kimani and Tanzania's multi-talent vanessa mdee.
Vanessa, vee money if u prefer, is among tanzania's most successful artist. She clearly has it going good for her, being an Mtv vj, artist and radio presenter. Vee money has new songs coming up . The video to her new single come over is yet to be released but if you've seen the snippet then you know it's probably going to be awesome. And if it's anything to go by, Enos Olik shot the video, evidently,almost all east African artists want a piece of him. Well,the most impressive thing about Vee money is her sense of style. I think she is the one person that can pull off a funky and vibrant look perfectly without the slightest struggle, it comes effortlessly i guess. She is so diverse with her style, you never really know what to expect. Pretty admirable right?
Kenya's victoria kimani is quite popular too. She has recently released a new hit single titled prokoto but the video isn't out. Victoria was featured in coco and chocolate, a song that pretty much featured africa's most highly regarded artists.victoria is known for her daring looks so much that some people call her Kenya's s own nicki minaj. My take? Kenyans should just quit on getting another nicki, there's only one nicki minaj, i think it's time we faced that fact already. Victoria usually looks fierce.Always keeping up with the fashion trends and wowing us . Her sense of style is extravagant and toned up, you've seen the hair highlights right? The look does work for her. I however find her style a tad bit too predictable. She needs to shake it up a bit.Who do you think gets it right between these two pop stars? I say both are dashing and gorgeous. This one is just too tight, i can't seem to make up my mind. Well, maybe you can!

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